While Kitty Palm Co LLC is a manufacturer and sells primarily to re sellers, it is our policy to offer our products to the public  by special order only at retail price. This price includes free delivery or pre paid freight any where in the USA. Retail shops that wish to carry our products purchase at wholesale prices. Quantity discounts are available for distributors,Big Box stores, and E Marketers who buy at our qualifying quantities.

The following are suggested Retail Prices
KP 36..................$130.00
KP 48 ...............195.00
KP 60..........250.00
KP 72.....300.00
KP 80..330.00

Kitty Cottage  .....$98.00

Please contact Jim Harmon, CEO of Kitty Palm CO. LLC
Office 941-925-7737
Cell 941-726-4938

Free shipping within the US on orders placed  by phone to our office order desk.

Free shipping at full retail price!
We accept PayPal!

Personal or business checks accepted!
Credit extended to accredited  businesses!

Call for special discounts and promotions as well as custom features!

We donate to shelters.

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For the best prices and shipping , please Google
also see the lovable www.oldmaidcatlady.com

Replacement parts available!

Call for special pricing on products not carried by our online networks.

Pricing Structure and Policy

the ultimate
kitty tree

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